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23 Old Man in the Mountain on Route 1 in Corner Brook, Canada

Few things spark curiosity followed by smirks of disbelief like folklore. Corner Brook has the Old Man in the Mountain tale. About two miles east on Route 1 is this barren cliff called Breakfast Head. The crag overlooks the Humber River and tiny Shellbird Island. Look closely at the base of the dark crescent near the top. You will see a ruddy face with dark eyes, a protruding nose, long beard and a gray pointed hat. Legend claims this was a marker for buried treasure. Some people suggest British pirate Peter Easton buried three chests near here in the early 17th century. Others argue this stone marker was created by the ruthless couple Eric and Maria Cobham in the mid-18th century. Rumors also persist about gold being secretly uncovered. You decide. What you can count on is nearby is the Man in the Mountain Trail. The 2.25 mile (one way) hike leads to a 750 foot lookout point over the Humber Valley.


Man in the Mountain Trail Head, Riverside Extension, Corner Brook, NL, Canada


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