23 Imperial Theatre at King’s Square in Saint John, Canada

The Imperial Theatre opened at King’s Square in 1913. Similar to most theaters during the early 20th century, it first staged vaudeville acts, followed by talkies and eventually movies. It became part of the Capitol Theatre chain in 1929. Several prosperous years followed before suffering years of decline and closing in the mid-1950s. The tenant from 1957 until 1982 was the Full Gospel Assembly. The theater was slated for demolition until a taxi driver spearhead a salvation campaign. After raising over $1.1 million CAD from local citizens, a major restoration was launched. The renovated Imperial Theatre opened in 1994. This National Historic Site of Canada now hosts an active schedule of concerts, plays and comedy acts. Some of these are performed at other venues around the city.


12 King Square S, Saint John, NB E2L 5B8, Canada


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