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30 Government House in Hobart, Australia

During the early 19th century, Colonel David Collins had the distinction of being the first lieutenant governor of three British colonies. They later became Australian states: New South Wales in 1788, Victoria in 1803 and Van Diemens Land (now Tasmania) in 1804. His official living quarters in Hobart was a shack. The second government house – previously located near today’s Franklin Square – was torn down in 1858 after the current governor’s residence in Queen’s Domain was finished. This Gothic Revival design by architect William Pordon Kay resembles a castle. Government House is perched on a hill overlooking the Royal Botanic Gardens. The 37 acres of the Tasmania governor’s estate includes a manicured English garden.


Government House in Hobart, Australia

7 Lower Domain Rd, Queens Domain TAS 7000, Australia


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