36 Wooden Ramp to Brackley Beach in Brackley Beach, Canada

There are seven beaches in Prince Edward Island National Park. They all face the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The shoreline is defined by windswept dunes and red sandstone mounds. Most are easily accessible from Gulf Shore Parkway East by wooden boardwalks. This is Brackley Beach, one of the most popular. The wide and long stretch of sand is magical, a perfect place to become mesmerized by the rolling waves. Amenities include washrooms, a canteen and lifeguards. There is also ample parking to accommodate even late risers. Active souls will enjoy biking, walking or running along the 7.75 mile Gulf Shore Way. Another favorite spot to idle away a summer day is Cavendish Beach.


Brackley Beach, Gulf Shore Pkwy E, Lot 33, PE C0A 1X0, Canada


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