Window inside Saturnino Palace of Brito in Santos, Brazil

Does visiting a former sanitation commission sound appealing? Probably not. You will want to make an exception for Saturnino Palace of Brito. After walking across a marble floor, you will marvel at the nearly 20 foot high stained glass window titled “Os Bandeirantes” on the staircase. The artwork by Casa Conrado portrays Portuguese pioneers (bandeirantes). During the 17th century, they explored the far interior of today’s Brazil in search of riches. The building is named after Saturnino Rodrigues de Brito. He was the ingenious Father of Sanitary Engineering for Brazil during the early 20th century. His sanitation system was a critical defense against bubonic plague that began in Santos in 1899.


Av. São Francisco, 122 - Centro, Santos - SP, 11013-200, Brazil


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