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West Beach in Burnie, Australia

2,300 feet of golden sand forms the northern shore of Burnie. West Beach extends from the port at Blackman Point and ends here at the base of a hill where Makers’ Workshop is located. Locals love it for sunning and swimming, especially at high tide when waves tend to be moderate. The rocks in the background form a circular headland called Parsonage Point. It is a favorite habitat for eudyptula minors. What’s that? Fairy penguins. These blue-colored, flightless seabirds stand only about a foot high. Just after sunset from October through March, you can watch them emerge from the water and waddle back to their burrows. The best vantage point is from the Little Penguin Observation Centre.


West Beach, 3 North Terrace, Burnie TAS 7320, Australia


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