Waterfront Terrace at Fort Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The expansive views from Fort Copacabana’s waterfront terrace are worth the price of admission. Sweeping in front of you is Copacabana Beach accented with Sugarloaf Mountain. The tree-lined promenade offers plenty of shade on a hot afternoon. You can also grab something to eat at Café do Forte. Along the way you will see several Krupp cannons. These are small compared to the fort’s big guns. One turret (André Vidal) contains two 190mm guns with a range of 11.3 miles. The bigger pair (Duque de Caxias) has 305mm artillery capable of launching a 981 pound shell 14 miles.


Praça Coronel Eugênio Franco, 1 Posto 6 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22070-020, Brazil


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