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Waterfront History in Toronto, Canada

Lake Ontario forms 28.5 miles of Toronto’s shoreline. In 1750, the French built Fort Rouillé along the waterfront. In 1793, the town of York was established on present-day Front Street in downtown. For generations, the Toronto Harbour prospered while the shore was extended as a landfill. By 1970, this heavy commercial, industrial, shipping and railway area was in severe decline. This prompted a major urban redevelopment. The Harbourfront Project has already cost billions with more planned for the decades ahead. The results so far are amazing. The Entertainment District was created (including CN Tower and Rogers Centre). New high-rise condominiums were built (with more on the drafting table). Slips were added for recreational boats. And a host of people-friendly attractions were built along the Central Waterfront in the shadows of downtown. This walking tour starts at Canada Square near Queen’s Quay Terminal (now a condo and retail complex) and extends west for about five miles. Lace up your walking shoes. Start exploring and enjoying Toronto’s waterfront.


235 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7, Canada


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