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17 Warnemünde Church Lancet Window in Warnemünde, Germany

I appreciate the details of fine old buildings so I had to learn more about this single lancet window above the entrance of the Warnemünde Church. The term comes from its appearance to a lance, a spear used by Medieval cavalry. This type of tall, narrow window with its pointed arch is a common among Gothic architecture. Apparently, the original design of this 19th century church specified only lance windows along the façade. However, the church’s patriarch, Frederick Frances II, who was the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg, insisted that rose windows also be incorporated into the design. If you like this clock on the tower then wait until you see the one inside. It is three hundred years old and from the original church. After uncovering it in storage it was installed in 2007.


Kirchenpl. 1, 18119 Rostock, Germany


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