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Victorian Era Commercial Architecture in Victoria, Canada

In 1843, the Hudson’s Bay Company established the first British colony on the island as a fur trading post. The settlement was soon secured by a fort named after Queen Victoria (reign 1837 to 1901). Fort Victoria was demolished in 1864 to make room for the expanding population. The city came of age during the late 1800s until about 1915 thanks to an active port and the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Warehouses sprung up along the wharf. Commercial construction radiated a block or two off the harbor. Some of the best Victorian era commercial architecture can be appreciated along lower Yates Street. Most of these brick heritage buildings were constructed from 1880 through 1910. This area is called the Old Commercial District and is a major part of Victoria’s Old Town.


524 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1K8, Canada


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