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23 Victoria Public Market at the Hudson in Victoria, Canada

The Hudson’s Bay Company was founded in 1670, making it the oldest company in North America. It began as a fur trader in New France (part of today’s eastern Canada) and quickly became a monopolistic land owner and, in some areas, a quasi-government. They began to diversify into general merchandise during the mid-19th century. In 1850, Hudson’s Bay established a small store in Fort Victoria followed by this grand department store in 1914, one of the original ones in Canada. The façade of the Second Empire building has cream glazed terracotta cladding. It was a bold new look that has evolved into a prized heritage landmark. After The Bay built a new department store a few blocks away, this location was renamed The Hudson. In 2013, the extensive renovation became luxury condos on the upper floors and the Victoria Public Market at the street level. You will love browsing among the stalls. The merchants display artisan crafts and lots of food options. They range from meats, cheeses, produce, desserts and morsels you’ve never seen before but are eager to taste.


1701 Douglas St #6, Victoria, BC V8W 0C1, Canada


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