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Victoria Mansion in West End of Portland, Maine

After the Great Fire of 1866, many people relocated to the West End. Most built narrow, wooden, two-story homes. They are still standing in this quiet Victorian neighborhood. The area is worth exploring if you have the time. But at least walk to the outer edge of the West End to see the Victoria Mansion. This brownstone estate with an Italianate design was built for Ruggles Sylvester Morse. He was a late-19th century hotel entrepreneur. When you see the opulence inside, you would never imagine this was his summer home. Most of the furnishings are original. The heating, lighting and plumbing were all state of the art for the times. The Morse-Libby Mansion became a museum in 1941. It is definitely worth touring this National Historical Landmark.


109 Danforth St, Portland, ME 04101


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