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3 Veronica Sunbay Pergola in Napier, New Zealand

The HMS Veronica was a U.K. naval ship built in 1915. On the morning of February 3, 1931, the vessel was docked in Port Ahuriri when the harbor floor lurched upwards during the earthquake and beached the ship. The crew radioed for help from nearby ships then sprang into action recusing earthquake victims. The Veronica Sunbay was built in 1934 within Marine Parade Gardens to honor the crew’s bravery. The curved colonnade on the foreshore of Hawke’s Bay was rebuilt in 1991. The Sunbay is a marvelous place to sit, talk with friends and enjoy the cool breeze drifting from across the bay. Near the Tom Parker Fountain is another waterfront overlook. The Viewing Platform was finished in 2015.


60 Marine Parade, Napier 4110, New Zealand


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