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Valparaíso, Chile Composite of Seven Photos

Splashes of color are everywhere in Valparaíso, Chile, known as the “The Jewel of the Pacific.” Its rows of houses cling to steep hills with a kaleidoscope effect. Among the maze of narrow streets are ornate wall murals. The cobblestone alleys are connected by brightly painted stairs that challenge your lungs. For the less hearty, there are funiculars that clatter and groan to the next neighborhood. A tour guide is essential here, not because the town is big but because you can easily get lost in the labyrinth. Plus a good guide can share the rich history that started with the Spaniards in 1536. For example, why are the houses such bright colors and sided with corrugated steel? The answer: they were decorated with left over paint and scrap metal from the shipyards.

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