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4 United States Side Falls Seen from Niagara Falls, Canada

Directly in front of you – framed by the cityscape of Niagara Falls, New York – are the two waterfalls in the United States. The largest of the pair is American Falls. This torrent of water measures 830 feet across with a drop of 188 feet. It is easy to see how the smaller cascade on the right got its name. Bridal Veil Falls has a crest of 56 feet. Its two-stage drop descends 181 feet. Collectively, more than 75,750 gallons of water race over the rockface per second. This sounds like a lot, and it is. But the volume is only about 10% of the water generated by the Niagara River. The majority goes over Horseshoe Falls while some is diverted for power plants. Separating these two waterfalls is the 70 acre Luna Island. Notice the excellent 40 foot wide observation deck on top. You can also have an up-close thrill by joining the people wearing yellow raincoats. They are traversing a wooden boardwalk called Cave of the Winds.


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