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38 Tower of David in Jerusalem, Israel

Your tour ends at the Tower of David. Contrary to what the name implies, this is not the lost palace of King David (1010-970 BC). Instead, Herod I, king of Judea (37-4 BC), commissioned the stronghold. The misnomer is blamed on monks during the early Byzantine era (4th century). The Jerusalem Citadel was sacked and reconstructed several times. This tower is not one of the original three built for Herod the Great. Instead, it is an Ottoman minaret. Inside is the fascinating Tower of David Museum. The exhibits explain four millenniums of Jerusalem history. In the courtyard are ruins dating back 2,700 years. From here, exit the Old City through the nearby Jaffa Gate. Alternative names are Sha’ar Yaffo (Hebrew) and Bab al-Khalil (Arabic). The portal, leading into both the Christian and Armenian Quarters, was constructed in 1538.


Tower of David in Jerusalem, Israel

Tower of David, Omar Ben el-Hatab, Jerusalem, Israel


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