Torcuato de Alvear Memorial in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 1880, Buenos Aires was federalized and became the nation’s capital. The city was managed by a municipal commission and Torcuato de Alvear became its president. Three years later, he became the first mayor of Buenos Aires. During his term through 1887, he spearheaded several public works including a new port, boulevards, parks, plazas and buildings. The Monument to the Intendant Torcuato María de Alvea was raised in his honor in 1900. The winged sculpture on top of the marble column represents glory. The tribue is located in Plaza Mayor Alvear (also called Intendente Alvear Square) in front of the Recoleta Cultural Centre and Cemetery.


Emilio Pettorutti 2188-2200, C1129AAQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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