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10 The Rebels at Masada in Israel

There were two groups of Jewish rebels during the First Jewish-Roman War. The largest faction were called Zealots. They led most of the uprisings against the Romans across Judea. Their fanatical and uncompromising crusade is blamed for the Roman annihilation of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Interestingly, one of the 12 Apostles was Simon the Zealot. A smaller group of rebels were the Sicarii (dagger men). This radical subset conducted assassinations of Romans with concealed daggers. They also slaughtered Jewish people who were not supportive of the war against the Romans. In 66 AD, the Sicarii overthrew the garrison of 700 Roman soldiers on Masada and then used the site as a rebel fortress. Eleazar ben Ya’ir was the commander of the Sicarii on Masada from 66 AD until their defeat in 73 AD.


Masada National Park, Israel


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