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22 The Incredible Dead Sea in Israel

The Dead Sea is characterized by extremes. This is the lowest place in the world at nearly 1,400 feet below sea level. The salinity ranges from 20% to about 35%, nearly ten times as salty as ocean water. It is also the deepest hypersaline lake on earth at 1,083 feet. Only a few microorganisms can live in this caustic environment. Any sea life arriving from the Jordan River quickly die. Annual rainfall is scarce: about four inches in the north and less than two inches in the south. In the summer, the average high temperature ranges from 90° to over 100° Fahrenheit. This hostile climate has made the bordering Judean Desert a barren wasteland. In short, the Dead Sea is a fascinating place to visit but you probably would not want to live there.


The Incredible Dead Sea in Israel

Ein Gedi Beach, Dead Sea, Israel


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