The Barbican in Kraków, Poland

Another surviving element from when Kraków was a walled-in city is The Barbican. Middle Age residents referred to it as Rondel meaning saucepan. This guard post was built as an outer defense for the Florian Gate in 1498. The two structures were connected by a brick passage called The Neck. The cylindrical blockhouse has seven turrets and 130 embrasures (arrow slits). Also notice the row of machicolations. Defending soldiers used these wall openings to pour hot oil on their enemy. The military structure also has a drawbridge over a 98 foot wide moat. This red brick defense is considered to be the best example of a barbican in Europe. During tourist season, there are frequent jousting tournaments and medieval festivals at Barbakan Krakowski.


Kraków Barbican, Basztowa, 30-547 Kraków, Poland


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