Tempel Synagogue in Kraków, Poland

Prior to World War II, approximately 30% of Kraków’s population was Jewish. Tragically, about three million Polish Jews were brutally murdered during the Holocaust, including 200,000 from Kraków. Most of the 90 synagogues in Kraków were looted, destroyed and sometimes repurposed during the German occupation from September, 1939 until January, 1945. The current population of Jews in the city is now less than 1%. The Tempel Synagogue is one of only four active synagogues. The Moorish Revival structure was built in 1862. Synagoga Tempel was used as an ammunition depot during the war. Some repairs were made to this religious heritage site after Kraków was liberated by the Soviets. An extensive renovation to its former grandeur occurred over fifty years later. The interior is magnificent.


Miodowa 24, 31-056 Kraków, Poland


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