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12 Tasmania Coat of Arms in Burnie, Australia

Van Diemen’s Land was a colony of New South Wales until 1825. In 1854, it passed its first constitution and was renamed Tasmania the following year. In 1856, they became a self-governing British colony and created a bicameral parliament. In 1917, George V – King of the United Kingdom and British Dominions – approved the state’s coat of arms. The shield is crowned by a lion and supported by two thylacines. More commonly called Tasmanian tigers, they were hunted aggressively in the mid-19th century and have been extinct since the 1930s. The motto reads, “Fertility and Faithfulness.” This heraldic escutcheon is on the facade of Burnie Supreme & Magisterial Courts.


38 Alexander St, Burnie TAS 7320, Australia


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