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23 Switchback Staircase in Messina, Italy

After Charles of Anjou became the King of Sicily in 1268, walls were constructed leading up the Caperrina Hill. His rule was crushed during the Sicilian Vesper uprising in 1282 and Messina was the scene of the last battles in Sicily to oust the French. You can almost feel this history as you trudged up the hill to see the Sanctuary of Montalto and Church of Christ the King. Their terraces also provide panoramic views of the city and the harbor. This switchback staircase called Scala Montevergine is near the Cloister of St. Eustochia and Monastery of Montevergine along XXIV Maggio street.


Switchback Staircase in Messina, Italy

Via XXIV Maggio, 161B 98122 Messina ME, Italy


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