Sweets at Convent of Santa Catalina in Granada, Spain

Granada has an abundance of churches and monasteries founded in the 16th century. Why visit another one? How about something for your sweet tooth? The cloistered Dominican nuns at the Convent of Santa Catalina are master bakers. They sell butter cakes, almond cookies, roscos de vino (sugar donuts with brandy), marzipan confections (think sugar pastry with pumpkin filling) and more tempting treats. This is also called the Zafra Convent because the benefactor was the widow of Hernando de Zafra. He was the secretary for Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II. Hernando de Zafra is best noted for signing the Alfacar Capitulations in December of 1491. This Muslim concession was a major step towards the Reconquista (liberation) of Granada a couple of weeks later.


Carrera del Darro, 39, 18010 Granada, Spain


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