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6 Summertime Outdoor Dining in The Hague, Netherlands

The Haugue’s weather hovers around freezing in the winter. The average high in June, July and August is about 70°F. So, when the sun is shining and the temperature rises in the summer, the Dutch flock to outdoor restaurants for good food and socializing. The best places tend to encircle public squares such as Het Plein and Buitenhof. This is your chance to sample Dutch cuisine. Traditional foods include Hollandse Nieuwe (raw herring), erwtensoep (pea soup), kroket (deep fried roll), bitterballen (beef balls with breadcrumb coating) with a side of patat (Dutch French fries). Wash these down with the country’s favorite brews: Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch.


Plein 8, Den Haag, Netherlands


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