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Suggestions for Shopping in Havana, Cuba

This is Boulevard San Rafael, a major shopping street in Havana. Foreigners who love to shop will be disappointed. The stores cater to the locals and pale in comparison to retail districts in many major cities. You won’t find branded items you recognize. Only the basics. Prior to the revolution, Boulevard San Rafael was the center for department stores. Another popular district is Obispo Street. Both are alive with scurrying pedestrians. Many tourists head to the shopping mall named Palacio de la Artesanía or visit the expensive stores in the few up-scale hotels (such as Hotel Tryp Habana Libre in Vedaro). You will also find a few boutiques inside renovated mansions. One word of advice: there are so many other things to do in Havana so skip any thoughts of shopping.


Boulevard San Rafael and Galiano Street, La Habana, Cuba


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