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9 Succulent Taste of Lobster in Peggy’s Cove, Canada

Not eating lobster while visiting Peggy’s Cove is equivalent to not seeing the lighthouse … heresy. The best sit-down choice is the Sou’Wester Restaurant. Their menu lists lobster rolls, platters and whole tails plus other seafood options. The best stand-up choice for lobster rolls is the U-cook Lobster truck. Your mouth will be amazed at the taste of really fresh lobster. The industry is booming in Nova Scotia. Global warming has risen the water temperature in Atlantic Canada. This has caused the lobster population to nearly double. Lobster harvesting in the Atlantic has become a $750 million industry. Total seafood exports from Nova Scotia is over $2 billion CAD. So go ahead, let warm butter dribble down your chin with every bite.


132 Peggys Point Rd, Peggys Cove, NS B3Z 3S2, Canada


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