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4 St Mary’s Church in Bergen, Norway

You are admiring the twin towers of Mariakirken, Bergen’s oldest church. Construction of St Mary’s was finished in 1180. Despite a fire in 1198 and another one 50 years later, the interior still retains many features from the Middle Ages. When the church became the main parish for wealthy German merchants from the Hanseatic League in the early 15th century, they referred to it as Tyskekirken (meaning the German Church). From this era is a beautiful reredos (triptych) above the altar. The three panels feature the Virgin Mary from the Book of Revelation, Saints Olav, Anthony, Catherine and Dorothea plus the Apostles. Also exciting to see in the choir are the 15 life-size figures created in 1634.


Dreggsallmenningen 15, 5003 Bergen, Norway


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