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17 St. John’s Anglican Cathedral in Napier, New Zealand

Three churches predated the current St. John’s Anglican Cathedral. The first was constructed in 1862 and was part of the Wellington Diocese. After the second was destroyed by the 1931 earthquake, a temporary structure served the Anglican community until the current Napier Cathedral opened in 1965. Its modernist design is a standout in a town dominated by Art Deco. The pro-cathedral is dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. This also serves as the mother church for the Diocese of Waiapu Tikanga. Waiapu is both a river and a valley in East Cape at the northeastern corner of New Zealand. This is where the first Māori people where converted to the Anglican faith in the 1820s. St. John’s slogan is, “We are the first Cathedral in the world to greet each new day!”


28 Browning Street, Napier 4110, New Zealand


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