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37 Spices at Three Markets in Jerusalem, Israel

The Three Markets are a unique shopping experience you will not want to miss and will never forget. They are the Butchers’ Market (Souk Al Lakhamin), the Spice and Perfume Market (Souk al-Attarine) and the Goldsmiths’ Market (Souk Al Khawajat). The suqs (Arab for bazaars) are along three parallel alleys tracing the ancient Cardo (main north-south Roman street). They are dark, tunnel-like and active. This rainbow of spices is common. The mound of green resembling a Mayan pyramid is za’atar. The blend of herbs such as oregano and thyme are topped with salt and sesame seeds. The mixture is typically applied to pita bread along with olive oil.


Spice Market, Al-Attarin Street, Shuk HaBsamim, Jerusalem, Israel


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