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22 Spanish Colonial Influence in Antigua, Guatemala

When this former capital city was founded in the mid-16th century, it was planned similar to other Spanish settlements across the New World. In the center was a main plaza surrounded by government buildings and a cathedral. Close by were the homes – often mansions – of the social elite and wealthy. Other major structures, such as churches and monasteries, were built with an elaborate Baroque design. The streets radiating from the center were narrow and followed a strict grid pattern. Flanking them were typically single-story buildings. Their shared, thick stucco walls were seamless for an entire block. Common denominators were red clay-tile roofs and grillwork over the windows. The demarcations between properties were different color paint, variances in roof lines and the style of wooden door. Not much has changed in Antigua Guatemala. While most landmarks are in ruins, the majority of buildings still reflect the colonial period. Some are well maintained like this one. Others are in varying degrees of disrepair.


3a Calle Poniente 20, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala


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