8 Sightseeing Train Ride aboard Flåmsbana in Flåm, Norway

One of the most picturesque excursions in Norway is aboard the Flåmsbana. The train travels uphill along the Flåm Line for about a dozen miles through a fertile, glacier-formed valley accented with waterfalls and shouldered by mountains. The one-way journey to the Myrdal Station takes about an hour. After a brief stop, most people make the return trip to Flåm. Sure, this sightseeing trip is designed for tourists. So what? The ride and views are spectacular. Flåmsbana is always rated among the top ten train rides in Europe. Do not miss this one! Hint for photographers: only the first and last windows in a train car can be opened.


Flåmsbana, A-Feltvegen 11, 5743 Flåm, Norway


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