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22 Seven Beaches of Santos, Brazil

At the east end of Itararé Beach is a large rock with a statue. This is Pedra da Feiticeira or the Stone of Sorrow. According to legend, a witch-like woman was impregnated here by a sailor. He promised to return but never did. One day she believed he was sailing by in a boat. When she swam out, she was drowned in the current. This marks the beginning of about 4.5 miles of near-continuous sand along the shores of Santos. The seven beaches range from Praia José Menino in the west (behind the strolling couple) to Ponta da Praia in the east at the mouth of the Santos Port. Parallel to the coastline is a beachfront garden measuring over 17,500 feet long. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the world’s largest.


Seven Beaches of Santos, Brazil

Pedra Da Feiticeira, Praia Itararé - Itararé, São Vicente - SP, 11320-200, Brazil


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