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6 Second Panorama of Bryggen in Bergen, Norway

These row houses are a continuation of those seen in the previous photo (extending to the right). They stretch to the beginning of the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf. To fully appreciate their medieval appearance, a quick history lesson is needed. Bjørgvin was founded in 1070 by Olaf Haraldsson, the King of Norway (reign 1067 – 1093). The city evolved into the capital of Norway during the 13th century. From 1360 until 1559, most maritime trade was controlled by the German Hanseatic League. They were replaced by a German kantor (trading post) which lasted until 1754. During these nearly seven centuries, the epicenter of Bergen was this harbor. The port became one of the largest in Northern Europe. And the originals of these buildings served as the docks, warehouses, markets and merchant quarters.


Bryggen 11, 5003 Bergen, Norway


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