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13 Scholastica Baths in Ephesus, Turkey

An essential element of Roman culture was the bathhouse. They were the epicenter of social life and relaxation. The complexes tended to be large and lavish. The facilities included exercise rooms, a large open-air pool plus hot (caldarium), warm (tepidarium) and cool (frigidarium) rooms with plunge baths. Slaves regulated temperatures by monitoring hot air and water generated from a furnace and delivered through clay pipes (hypocaust system). Private cabins like this were reserved for messages and physical treatments. There was also a library, a gathering hall and outdoor garden. This thermae in Ephesus was constructed during the 1st century. Extensive renovations in the 4th century were funded by a wealthy philanthropist. Since then, the facilities bore her name: Scholastica Baths.


Efes Harabeleri, 35920 Selçuk/İzmir, Turkey


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