Scenic Skyway at Scenic World in Katoomba in Blue Mountains, Australia

Scenic Skyway has been delighting passengers since 1958. The ride travels 2,362 feet across the Kedumba River valley. The large windows provide a terrific perspective of the Three Sisters. A glass floor gives you an unobstructed view of the gorge and Katoomba Falls 885 feet below you. This car is headed towards the Skyway East Station. The terminus connects to the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. Along this winding trail are several amazing lookouts. Echo Point and Spooners Lookout provide the closet view of the Three Sisters. If you are super ambitious and physically fit, consider the Three Sisters Hike. But be forewarned. This difficult trail reaches an elevation of 7,000 feet and forms a 48 mile circle.


Violet St & Cliff Drive, Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia


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