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25 Scenic Bridges Across Canal in Nagasaki, Japan

After a day of sightseeing, reserve time before returning to your ship to relax and enjoy Nagasaki Seaside Park adjacent to the cruise terminal. This 16 acre greenspace features the Aqua Garden, Land Plaza plus a front row bench to the passing ships in the harbor. The best way to reach the park is from the waterway parallel to Ourakaigan-dori and across from the MetLife building. Enjoy your stroll over the the Higashiyamate Bridge (on the right) or the Umiterashi Bridge behind it, through Flower Islet and then the Ajisai Bridge (on the left). Then follow the scenic Canal Promenade. This entire area is called Tokiwa-machi.


Tokiwamachi, Nagasaki, 850-0843, Japan


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