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Saratoga Hotel Bar Mezzanine in Havana, Cuba

This was previously a mixed-use building for stores, a warehouse and apartments dating from 1879. In 1933, the Saratoga Hotel relocated here. For decades, the luxury hotel’s proximity to the National Capitol Building made it a social gathering place for politicians and bohemians while they listened to Aires Libres, an all-women orchestra. After being nationalized, it suffered a steady decline as a rooming house during the 1960s until finally closing. In 2005, the property was extensively renovated and became the Saratoga Hotel. Ten years later, it was selected by the Cuban Journal as the city’s best hotel. This rose-colored bar on the mezzanine level has a distinct Caribbean flare including lattice ornamentation, fan lights and palm trees.


Prado 603 Esquina Draones, La Habana, Cuba


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