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47 São Conrado Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

São Conrado Beach is in an affluent bairro (neighborhood) of the same name. This one kilometer of perfect sand along the Atlantic is much less crowded than Rio’s famous beaches. Locals prefer the absence of tourists and rowdy partiers so they can enjoy a quiet day under a canopy with friends and family. A unique aspect of Praia de São Conrado is a landing pad for hang gliders. One of the launch points is Pedra da Gávea. This 2,769 foot monolith towers over São Conrado. Suffers are also attracted to the wave action. About three miles offshore are the Cagarras Islands. Ilhas Cagarras is an uninhabited archipelago of six islets.


Av. Pref. Mendes de Morais, 807-809 - São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22610-095, Brazil


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