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Santiago, Chile Composite of Eight Photos

Chile’s capital offers an array of architecture, museums, theaters, malls, restaurants, churches, parks and attractions. A small sample is shown in this composite. Starting at the top left is Edificio Metrópolis, one of numerous high-rises in the Sanhattan district. Next are two churches: the bell tower of San Francisco (1622) and the doorway to Our Lady of Mercy (1760). It is also worth visiting the Chilean National Zoo on San Cristóbal Hill and the Hidalgo Castle on Santa Lucia Hill. You will enjoy seeing the city’s sculptures such as the United in Glory and Death by Rebeca Matte in front of the National Museum of Fine Arts and Arturo Alessandri Palma, the three-time Chilean president, in Citizenship Square. Finally there is the La Moneda, the Presidential Palace (1805) and several other impressive government buildings in the Civic District.

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