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1 Saguenay River Fjord to Saguenay, Canada

If you are cruising to Saguenay in Quebec Province, you will first travel along the St. Lawrence River. You ship will turn west at Tadoussac, the site of Canada’s first fur trading post founded in 1599. You will then sail 78 miles upstream along the Saguenay River. Be prepared to be amazed. This marvelous fjord was formed by tectonic activities and carved during the last glaciation period over 13,000 years ago. The rounded cliffs defining the valley range from 975 to 1,500 feet high. As you near your destination, the majestic Saguenay River Fjord is about 2.2 miles wide with a water depth of 780 feet. Along the way, you will see isolated homes, quaint villages and, if you are lucky, blue whales. The origin for the 110 mile Saguenay River is at Lake Saint-Jean west of Saguenay. The name Saguenay is derived from the Innu word Saki-nip meaning “where water flows out.”


Rivière Saguenay, Saguenay, Canada


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