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29 Roman Theatre in Málaga, Spain

The Roman Theatre of Malaga was commissioned while Augustus was Emperor of the Roman Empire (27 BC until 14 AD). Archeologists believe it hosted plays, orations, concerts and perhaps gladiatorial events through the 3rd century when it was abandoned. The semi-circular design measures 105 feet wide and 52.5 feet high with 13 rows of stone benches. During the mid-8th century, the Moors ravished sections of the theater to build the Alcazaba seen in the background. The Roman ruins were then buried until discovered in 1951 during the construction of a new building. Excavation and restoration of El Teatro Romano lasted until 2011 when the site was opened. Adjacent is an interpretation center with information and artifacts. The people in the foreground were rehearsing for a choir performance.


Teatro Romano, Calle Alcazabilla, 6, 29015 Málaga, Spain


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