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11 Road Trip along Caribbean Coast of Saint Vincent

After visiting Fort Charlotte, drive back along Edinboro Road. It soon becomes Grenville Street. Look at this vista in your rearview mirror. Then, take a left at the intersection of the Leeward Highway. You are about to embark on a scenic road trip along the Caribbean coastline of Saint Vincent. The Leeward Highway heads north for less than 30 miles long. The name highway is a misnomer. And the short distance will take longer than you think. The narrow road winds and twists along the rugged coast, passes several quaint villages, climbs mountain ridges and dips into lush valleys. There are also plenty of camera-worthy overlooks along the way plus a few tourist attractions. Plan on at least a half-day adventure.


Grenville Street & Leeward Hwy, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines


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