Quirinal Palace at Piazza del Quirinale in Rome, Italy

You are now standing in front of the ninth largest palace in the world. Palazzo del Quirinale contains nearly 1.2 million square feet of space across 1,200 rooms! Since its completion in 1583, it has been the residence of thirty popes, four kings and a dozen presidents. Today, Quirinal Palace is one of three homes of the Italian Republic presidents. You will definitely want to tour the lavishly appointed rooms, halls and apartments. Then wander through the ten acre gardens featuring blooming plants, fountains and sculptures. But plan ahead. Tickets must be reserved at least five days in advance.

From here, the Encircle Rome – One tour heads west. If you want to connect with the start of Encircle Rome – Two, then walk two blocks north along Via del Quirinale.


Piazza del Quirinale, 00187 Roma RM, Italy


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