Puerto Madero Neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 1887, businessman Eduardo Madero was commissioned to construct a new port (Puerto Nuevo) in closer proximity to Buenos Aires. The first dock was completed a decade later and continuously expanded until 1926. Over time, the area became derelict. In the 1990s, a major redevelopment was initiated. The elaborate project transformed less than one square mile into a spectacular urban setting. The old warehouses were refurbished and repurposed. The waterfront was revitalized. Hotels, restaurants, museums and entertainment options were added. An influx of investors began building luxury residential high-rises in 2000. In the middle is Alvear Tower. When finished in 2017, it became the city’s tallest skyscraper at 792 feet. Interestingly, all of the streets in this borough are named after Argentine women.


Olga Cossettini 831, CABA, Argentina


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