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7 Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary in Toledo, Spain

The Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary is a visual jewel of Toledo. Master Martín is credited with creating the French Gothic design in 1227. Several other men assumed the head architect role before the project was completed after 266 years. These sections are the North Tower, three entrances named (left to right) the Portals of Hell, Forgiveness and the Last Judgement, plus the Baroque dome of the Mozarabic Chapel. The Catholic church measures 390 by 194 feet. The facade is covered with white limestone from the Olihuelas Quarry. The cathedral is adorned with more than 750 stained glass windows. Catedral Primada Santa María stands on a site previously occupied by a Visigoth church and a Muslim mosque.


Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 45002 Toledo, Spain


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