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6 Porta Pia along Aurelian Wall in Rome, Italy

Porta Pia is much younger than most of the gates along the Aurelian Wall. It was finished in 1565 at the bequest of its namesake, Pope Pius IV. You will be fascinated to know the name of the architect. Hint: he is often called the divine one. Answer: Michelangelo. This was among his last building designs before his death in 1564 at the age of 88. Porta Pia has another claim to fame. In September of 1870, approximately 50,000 Italians led by General Raffaele Cadorna stormed into the city at Porta Pia. The campaign called the Capture of Rome ended the Papal States and solidified the Italian unification (Risorgimento). Porta Pia is now the Bersaglieri Historical Museum.


Piazzale di Porta Pia, 00198 Roma RM, Italy


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