Playa de la Cateta in Cádiz, Spain

The 1,300 feet of sand between the Castles of San Sebastián and Santa Catalina is the local’s favorite place to swim and sun: Caleta Beach. The white, semicircular structure was the Spa of our Lady of the Palm and of the Real when it opened in 1926. Its position on concrete stilts provides an elevated view of the surf rolling beneath it at high tide. The building served several tenants until it was abandoned in 1975. After an extensive remodeling, the former Palm Bath became the headquarters for the Center of Underwater Archeology of Andalusia. The research center has information on 1,250 shipwrecks around the Andalusian coast.


Av. Duque de Nájera, 3D, 11002 Cádiz, Spain


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