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Pioneer Building in Saint Paul, Minnesota

During the late 19th century, Saint Paulites read two newspapers: the Minnesota Pioneer (begun in 1849) and the Saint Paul Dispatch (founded in 1868). They consolidated into one daily paper – the St. Paul Pioneer Press – in 1985. Nearly one hundred years earlier, the Dispatch Printing Company moved into their new headquarters on North Robert Street. In 1889, this was the city’s tallest building. The lower level is white masonry decorated with fluted pilasters and an entrance archway. The façade of the remaining 15 floors are dark red brick in a Romanesque Revival style by Chicago architect Solon Spencer Beman. The structure is encircled by the Endicott Building designed by Cass Gilbert. The complex is often called the Pioneer-Endicott Buildings. The historic property is now the Pioneer Endicott apartments.


332 North Robert St, St Paul, MN 55101


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