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21 Pierhead Building in Cardiff, Wales

From 1794 through the late 19th century, a number of docks were built to accommodate the exporting of coal and iron. A railway was also constructed to transport the material to the bay. These investments led to Cardiff becoming a major world port until the early 20th century when it began its decline. This Gothic Revivalist building by architect William Frame opened in 1897 for the Bute Docks Company and was later used by the Cardiff Railway Company. The Pierhead Building owes its distinctive red color to glazed, terracotta bricks made from Etruia Marl clay. Locals call this landmark’s clock the Baby Big Ben. After a major restoration ending in 2010, the building became a history museum. Pierhead Building is part of the adjacent National Assembly.


Pierhead Pierhead St, Cardiff CF10 4PZ, UK


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